Monday, June 12, 2017

Wigs For a New Age

So you have decided to embark on a journey to find your self the perfect wig.  It seems like a pretty straight forward endeavor at first, browsing through stores, trying on different styles...  But sooner or later you become inundated with unfamiliar industry terminology, pushy sales people, and by the middle of the day your ready to go home and accept the hair God has given youYou can't have it all, can you?

Well actually, yes you can.  It does take a little bit of research and know-how to land your hands on a good hair replacement system, but once you do, there is definitely a huge silver lining to it all!  No more messing with your hair in the morning for a an hour trying to erase all signs of bed head, no more dealing with humidity issues that make you look like the lion king right before that all important lunch meeting, and no more fussing with a plethora of volumizing sprays, vitamins and concoctions to try and minimize the looks you will get from people giving you a second look.

In this blog, Isadore Hoffman of FeatherLite Hair Systems will take you through what you need to know about hair types and cap styles in the wig industry and how to choose the right type of piece for you.  Follow us for weekly updates on a variety of topics such as how to purchase your first hair piece, terminology used in the hair industry, different hair types you can buy and what they mean, how to decipher virgin hair from processed hair, and how to care for your hair piece properly.  In addition, we will provide product reviews on styling tools and products that are best suited for various hair types and provide you with information on ingredients to look for and which to avoid.  Feel free to email for blog topic suggestions as well as for any questions you may have.  Enjoy!  Follow us on Facebook at FeatherLite Wigs for updates on sales and events.


  1. Great first blog post! You can tell your heart is really towards the people, and that you desire the best for them. I hope and pray that this endeavour is successful in every way.

  2. I have to say after visiting your Jerusalem store that I am really looking forward to your blog...your wigs are great quality, I want to know more what the secrets to a good quality wig and how to tell if its virgin hair. sounds interesting. following.

  3. This is SO needed, will definitely be following! Would love to hear about how to maintain and maybe even style my hairpiece at home. It's kind of intimidating.

    1. You can view a styling video here:

      It's a styling video for a client on how to style straight hair, but hopefully soon we will have a video on how to style it curly.

  4. After I purchased my first FeatherLite from Isadore, she spent a lot of time educating me about wig quality, how to take care of them, etc and I'm glad I can read that here and share with my friends!