Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ashy Hair - Why is it so hard to find?

This is by far the most requested hair colour and the most difficult colour to get.  Why is that?  Hair may grow out of our scalp ashy, but as the hair grows it tends to become progressively lighter and warmer toned as you move down towards the ends.  Since hair is normally collected by cutting it from a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, the ashy roots are not included.  This issue can sometimes be solved by collecting hair from a donor who is willing to cut many small ponytails very close to their scalp.  Secondly, virgin hair reflects what is available in nature and some colors/tones are more common than others.  It is harder to find ponytails that are ashy from the roots to the tips.  Virgin hair wigs are almost always more ashy on average than dyed wigs.  For instance, a colour 8 in a dyed wig will look auburn while a virgin hair wig comparable to a colour 8 will simply be a lighter shade of brown.  For more information on this subject, email flhairsystems@gmail.com or visit FeatherLite Wigs on Facebook.

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