Friday, June 8, 2018

FIND HAIR - Linking the right hair professionals with clients

This group is a unique place where supplemental hair wearers can ask questions, discuss issues and gain helpful tips from hair replacement professionals in an unbiased, understanding and supportive setting.  The aim of this group is to, 1) provide supplemental hair wearers with accurate information regarding supplemental hair care and trouble shooting tips from seasoned hair replacement professionals in a comfortable, understanding environment, and 2) to help hair replacement professionals better understand the unique needs and wants of supplemental hair wearers.

Please feel free to post pictures, voice concerns, ask for help, and post comments!  Your opinions and experiences are valued here and will be used to help others find solutions, help build an accurate understanding of hair issues, and gain support!  As a wig wearer, you will find the hair professionals in this group to be an invaluable source of information about the (sometimes) confusing and mysterious world of hair replacement!

Follow this link to the FIND HAIR group on Facebook and get the information you need!

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