Friday, January 5, 2018

Is South American hair as good as European hair?

The second most common type of hair you will find on the market is South American hair. South American hair is can occasionally be of superb quality, but most often does not come in the spectrum of colors needed for the Caucasian client.  South American hair will sometimes be partially stripped of it's cuticle in order to enhance shine, but will almost never be fully stripped of it's cuticle as the hair is naturally flexible and finer textured, similar to European hair.  What you will find with South American hair, is that it is almost always dyed.  Lightening dark colored hair to a blond shade rarely has a natural result, and therefore if you have lighter hair, South American hair will not be a perfect match for you in terms of color.  It is also important to note, that as the color wears off over time, the discrepancy in color will become greater and most likely trend towards a more brassy shade.  South american hair is ideal if you have dark hair, and if you can find a piece that has not been dyed. South American hair will also tend to be slightly less expensive than Slavic hair, so if you are a dark haired lady you can benefit from this by getting great hair at a lower price.

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