Thursday, January 4, 2018

What is Mongolian hair and is it good hair?

"Mongolian hair", aka Asian processed hair, is a term coined by many factories and often used by third party vendors.  It refers to Asian hair that has been striped, either partially or fully, of it's cuticle for the purpose of making it look and feel more like European hair. This type of hair typically goes through a number of additional chemical processes including bleaching, dying and coating.  Chemical hair softeners may also be applied to make the hair more flexible and manageable so that styling is easier, because natural Asian hair is stiffer and will not hold styling as well as European hair. In addition to the above mentioned processes, colour sealants may be used on the hair to prevent colour change.  This can also make the hair resistant to subsequent bleaching or dying attempts and can make further colour customization difficult.  Mongolian hair may also be sold as "European textured" hair or as authentic European hair by unscrupulous or unknowing vendors.  It has a very short life span compared to other hair types such as virgin Slavic and virgin South American hair.  "Mongolian" hair will typically stiffen when wet and may appear dry and brittle after a few washes if the combination of chemical processes used was not done precisely.

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